Wednesday, April 17, 2013

8 Month Eden Update

This last month marked an especially cranky period for Eden.  She spent all of her wake time trying to climb on me which doesn't satisfy her at all once she's there.  I figured she was just a cranky lady until Sunday when I discovered that she has three new teeth on the top.  I would be cranky too if I was working on three teeth.  That gives her four on the bottom and three on the top.

In her 8 months of life she's mastered crawling, pulls herself up to standing on anything she can and can almost always get herself down once she's up there.  She loves food, especially freeze dried yogurt drops.  She can't stand apple sauce and really loves macaroni and cheese.

It's an amazing thing to me to see her sitting, which is a position she can get into on her own.  Catie didn't ever have an interest in sitting, why sit when you can move around, I love watching Eden sit and play.

Lastly let's marvel again at just how different my two girls look.  On the left is Eden, Catie at 8 months on the right.  Both cute but in such different ways.