Saturday, June 29, 2013

What the Girls Wore #96

The theme of this post is going to be, Random Things Eden Puts in her Mouth.  Also, Eden has reached the age where she's especially difficult to photograph because she's so on the move, a lot of these photos are blurry but I'm using them anyway.

Everytime I turn around there's something new sticking out of her mouth, a hair clip.

A comb

More comb

I took Catie to the dentist for the first time and she was a rockstar.

I thought they were planning on counting her teeth only but she was was so relaxed about the whole thing that she got a full cleaning.

  She thought the glasses were cool, she got to watch Treehouse and when she was done she got a toy... what's not to love.

She liked the suction, thought it was funny and she thought the tooth brush tickled.

 Walk/Bike Ride

These girls are pretty darn lucky to have the best Dad ever.

Playing outside

 And continuing on with a rice cake

I've talked before about how much we've loved having Catie in gymnastics and not too long ago we went to our last class until September.  In the final class they let parents and siblings in and give them certificates at the end.

These foam tunnels were fun for Eden

Eden loved this tunnel the most and went through it over and over again.  Catie would lead the way and Eden would follow.

Getting her certificate

Continuing the things in Eden's mouth... rice cakes

The other day Eden figured out how to clap, it's adorable and she's so proud of herself everytime.

The other day in the car Catie and Eden were playing and Catie was pretend biting Eden's fingers.  Eden laughed and then Catie proclaim, "Eden, your so yummy!"  Love these girls.

 A hot day and some water on the deck

Two girls in a laundry basket