Monday, May 5, 2014

What Eden Wears

I talk a lot about how Eden is so different than Catie and one of those ways is when it comes to clothing.

Catie really doesn't care about what she wears, she has very little desire to dress herself and I still help her most of the time.  Eden though... she is obsessed with clothes and often puts together interesting outfits with what she finds laying around, mostly with very little help from me.

So we start with her favourite winter hat.  She loves this thing and wears it all the time and every single time she puts it on backwards.

This one is great, the first layers is some pajamas, then some of Catie's socks, Eden's dress from the day before, a snap bracelet and some necklaces.

Blurry, but still worth showing.  Again, pajamas, Catie's jeans, and her ballet skirt.  Notice how much too long those jeans are?

The winter hat comes back, her coat, I'm sure she's wearing a t shirt under there and some jeans, then she has some pajama pants that she put on herself and pulled them half way up.

A fairly normal outfit except for Daddy's socks that go all the way up to her knees.

Pants, a dress, a sweater and that blurry blue is the slippers she just took off.

I saved you from the many of her wearing Catie's underwear.
Love this girl and her crazy outfits.