Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Some Random Photos

Hanging out in the ball pit at gymnastics

Just reading books with Daddy.

The other day we told Eden it was time to come have a snack so she headed over to the table, then stopped, turned to Brad and said, "Come on!" (not that clearly of course).  Her speech has really improved lately and she says tons of words.  I think her favourite is "Here go", meaning here you go.  We hear that one a lot as she hands us things.  And my favourite is when she says all done it comes out like "Gah Gum".  Lately the word No has been making a larger presence in our house though, becoming a fast favourite of hers.

And here are a couple ballet photos for you... the class was super adorable from beginning to end.

Today in the car we were coming home from preschool and I told Catie that I missed her while she was gone.  She said, "Don't worry, I'll always have time for you".

The other day we were getting ready for gymnastics so I laid out Catie's clothes and then left her to get dressed.  She came upstairs clothed and we headed off.  We got home and she went to use the potty, when she was done she called out, "Mommy, I can't find my knickers (underwear), they're not in my pants".  Yeah, she forgot to put her knickers on this morning... oops.


Anonymous said...

You have such gorgeous kids! X