Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Does anyone else ever worry about people thinking you mistreat your kids?

Catie is at a difficult stage where she falls and gets hurt a lot, right now she has a big bruise on her forehead, one by her eye and a mark on her cheek.  I swear we're not hurting our baby, she's just clumsy!


Michelle said...

Have you SEEN Porter?!

Jen and Ian Isackson said...

He he he... they all go through it. I wonder too if people think I abuse Hailey. Anyone who has kids will understand I am sure and all the rest... we better be ready for social services ;)

Jane Conrad said...

Because Russell has an unusually large head for his skinny little body, he tends to unintentionally head butt everything including, but not limited to, cement floors, window sills and wall corners. I don't know if I would even recognize him if he wasn't sporting some sort of bluish, yellowish, purplish swelling and/or spot.