Friday, July 23, 2010

Catie's Curls

On more than one occasion I've casually mentioned to a friend in conversation that I'd love it if Catie had curly hair.  Just about every time I get the same response, "Where would she get curly hair from?"

I'd just like the record to show that she'd get it from me, despite what I've led you to believe my hair is not all that straight.  It was really fine and blonde when I was little.  It's darkened and straightened a little as I've grown up but I still have enough wave to pass to Catie.

So far Catie's is coming in curly and I just hope the extra weight doesn't straighten it out. 
(She was really angry because I wouldn't give her the camera, you've got to love that hair though!)


Mitz said...

Oh my word, look at those curls! I love it, I hope it stays too!

Amanda said...

AHHH! I LOVE her curly hair! It looks so cute!! I also hope Olivia has curly hair...and that it's strawberry blond. We will have to see!