Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Necklace Pouch Tutorial

I actually made a sale!  A friend of mine wanted a necklace, bracelet and belt for her little Daniella but she doesn't live in Lethbridge.  I didn't want to just throw the items in an envelope and mail them so I made up a real quick pouch for them all.

I cut a piece of felt into a rectangle and then used my pinking shears to cut the short edges so it'd be decorative.

Then I folded the felt in half lengthwise and sewed it.  I was going to hand sew it so I didn't have to pull out my machine but about 4 stitches in I changed my mind and decided it would be so much quicker to machine shew.

I trimmed the corners so it would turn nicely and then turned it so my seams were iniside.

For a tie I wove embroidery thread through and then knotted the ends.

I put in her items, sinched it closed and wrapped around a couple times.  A bow would have been cuter but I ddin't leave enough thread.  Sort of plain but it got the job done.  I slipped in in an envelope and dropped it in the mail.

Hope she loves them!


Jeri said...

Great and simple idea. Presentation is so important!