Sunday, July 4, 2010

A String of Bad Movies

It all started with When in Rome.  A cute enough looking movie and I like Kristen Bell.  Not a bad idea but everything was so ridiculously over the top, it wasn't even one of those movies you could be "in the moment" for, just silly.  The men in love with her were silly and ridiculous and come on, she stands in a fountain in her wedding dress?  Right.

We moved onto Leap Year hoping to take away the bad taste of When in Rome.  There were moments that were sweet, moments that were embarrassingly stupid and moments that I've seen a dozen times in other movies.  Very unoriginal.  I realize it's a light hearted movie but should I really be able to tell the man she's going
to fall in love with immediately?

Brad chose the next movie and we switched genre's completely.  The International, a lesser heard of movie but my husband being a finance major and ex bank teller was attracted to the bank corruption idea.  I don't remember the last movie that's been so over my head and here comes the big spoiler...  They spend the entire movie trying to blow open this huge corruption and in the end... they fail!  We watch two hours of very boring non drama to end up with nothing!  Nothing accomplished, nothing changed just a whole bunch of dead people.

Our next choice is the Book of Eli... anyone seen it?  Any warnings?

I miss Lost, we just watched 6 seasons in roughly 6 weeks.  So far everything else is paling in comparison.


Jenn said...

I didn't care for When In Rome at all either. We only watched about 3/4 of it! I now won't bother with Leap Year. I have heard really good things about Book of Eli, but haven't seen it myself yet.

KD said...

Oh My heck Brad and I did not get the point of "the book of Eli". The whole time we were like "what the heck is this?" Good luck! We have not seen anything worth seeing in a while but if i do hear of somthing i'll let you know!