Monday, July 26, 2010

Little Girls Jewlery

It's been a while since I mentioned the Little Girl's Ribbon Necklace but there are a few different pieces.  If you read my comments then you'll see that a friend offered me a corner of her table at a craft show in the fall and I've taken her up on the offer.  It's mostly given me an excuse to make more fun necklaces and it's was a great way to spend my time while watching 6 seasons of Lost in 6 weeks.

Most of the necklaces are really similar to the first one I made but with different ribbon styles.  There are a few different ones and I'm working on some new beaded styles but they're not finished yet.  Here's a peek at what I've been working on.

I loved the little dragon fly charms rather than the flower.  This one looks a little simpler than the original since there is no bow.  I love the polka dots, I do have a thing for polka dots.

I just can't get over how pretty this ribbon is.  Sadly I've run out and I can't find anymore.  The bow and the necklace are different styles, I wish they were the same but I had to make do.  The ribbon on the necklace works so well for this that I'll keep my eyes peeled in hopes I'll be able to make more of these.

I love this ribbon, it's pink but a more muted pink, nothing princess about it. The polka dots make it so girly without being your everyday colour of pink.  The beads are also two different sizes, it makes it a little more unique.

 I don't really enjoy making bracelets as much so I'm a little slower on those but this one will probably have a matching bracelet.

This necklace has a cute heart charm on the side.  I'm loving the sheer-ness of the ribbon.  There will eventually be a matching bracelet for this one too.

This necklace was inspired by one I saw online made by J Crew.  I'm not thrilled with my bows so they'll probably get an update but I love the general idea.  This necklace is definitely less durable than some of the others so it should probably be worn by a 4 year old or older.  Hard to tell in the photo but the little beads have some pretty texturizing on them.

I love the simple wrapped look of this bracelet. (I hadn't clipped my thread yet so you can see it in the photo, that'll be gone eventually).  I slipped this on Catie to try on for size and she immediately pulled it off, so maybe an older girl as well though it looked so cute on Catie.

This last one is my favorite that I've made so far.  Catie has one and she's worn it.  Sadly it was the most difficult to photograph.

The ribbon is blue and sheer with little dark brown polka dots.  The beads are a little larger than I normally use and the combination of the two is just so cute.  I have lots of this ribbon so I imagine I'll be making a bunch of these.

Hopefully I'll have a good stock ready for the craft show and I hope they sell well. I'll probably price the ribbon necklaces and bracelets as $8 for a bracelet, $10 for a necklace and $15 as a set.  The others will need to be priced on an individual basis.  As it gets closer I'll include details to the craft fair and maybe some of you will come see me.


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