Saturday, February 19, 2011

Twitter Time

It's finally finished!

Those were my thoughts tonight and I just wanted to share it on the blog but the photos aren't ready.  Or the time I was so frustrated with my project I wanted to yell, or how about when I wondered the difference between bias tape and hem tape.  I have these crafty thoughts that I want to share and 9 times out of 10 I share them with no one but my husband.  Facebook may seem like an obvious choice but most of my friends probably don't care that I just ran out of thread and can't finish this project, or that I had barely enough bias tape or I'm bleeding from yet another pin related accident.  You however take the time to read my blog and see what I'm creating, I think of you when I start a project, hoping you'll like what I've done, I want you to join me not just at the reveal of each project but the little moments through out.

I've started a Twitter account and I'd love if you'd follow me, let create something beautiful together.