Monday, June 10, 2013

Sick Eden

With all the posting I do on Instagram I'm always sure I just blogged the other day, I was surprised how long it's been and apparently my aunts started harassing my Mom for blog posts so I'll play a little catch up.

Poor Eden caught some sort of flu bug and was so sick. She threw up for 6 days straight and was just miserable. She slept in my arms which almost never happens these days.

She layed on the couch doing absolutely nothing

And was just pathetic. She would start crawling and then just give up and flop on the floor only to lay there exhausted. 

Staring at nothing. Too tired to move. 

She slept for hours every day, ate next to nothing and threw up, for days and days. 

Finally she felt better and we headed to the park but it was a hard week.