Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What the Girls Wore Part #1

Eden was so proud of herself for getting those blades of grass in her mouth.  She was less pleased when I took them away.

Love these two girls together and they just love each other.  They are so sweet to one another and I love watching them together.

Bike riding. She's gotten to be pretty good this summer.

Playing outside on a hot summer day

We made our first trip to Calaway Park.  We went opening weekend so it was super busy but we still had a great time and this year she's even tall enough to ride the Ocean Motion.

Keeping herself busy while waiting in an especially long queue.

and this is what Eden did while we were at the park.

Eden has discovered her favourite place and unless the door is kept closed she has much on the toilet paper. She's silly thought she doesn't just want to unroll it, she needs it in her mouth too.

We decided Catie is old enough to start playing games so we introduced Uno, which is a huge hit, Chutes and Ladders and her favourite, Candyland.  I forsee many games in her future..

Funny how parenting is different with the second child.  We never would have let Catie sit on the table but with Eden we had no problem with it, temporarily of course.

I was behind on so many photos that I split this post into two, tomorrow will be round 2.