Thursday, November 6, 2014

Quick and Cheap Closet Update

I know I keep singing my mother's praises but it's only because she's a genius.

Whens she was here reupholstering my couch Catie and I were putting away her clothes. She loves to help but she can't reach the bar in the closet, so she gets a stool, I put the clothes on the hanger and then Catie hangs them up. It's kind of a long, painful process but at least she's helping.

Enter my brilliant mother.

For ridiculously cheap we created this dropped bar.

I had an expandable shower curtain rod on hand so we used that. We picked up some cheap chain from Home Depot, wrapped it around the bar and hooked the end up, super easy.

In some spots we used little bolts and screws but in another we just opened the chain and hooked it together, I would do that next time.

Here's the bolt and screw

 See how I just hooked the chains together?

You can see how the chain is wrapped around the rod.

And now Catie can hang up her own clothes all by herself. She can easily see what's in her closet and get herself dressed.

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