Monday, November 10, 2014

Red Shelf Update

Years ago Brad and I built a shelf to hold all my craft supplies. It's been really handy and I still love it but we initially painted it bright red, I'm over the colour and was ready for a change.

I had initially planned on painting it emerald green but this shelf sits in my kitchen area and with the couch and chairs and pictures I though it would make for a busy area.  I decided to paint it white instead.

And it turned out very nice, but so very boring. Every time I looked at it I was annoyed at how boring it was.  To fix it I decided to try my hand at a stencil so I bought all the supplies and set them aside to work on the couch and chairs. The shelf got covered (and is still covered) in all my materials and for now I've decided I don't care if it's boring, you barely see the top anyway. Perhaps I'll get to it eventually but for now it's fine as it.

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