Friday, November 7, 2014

What the Girls Wore - Halloween

How about some pictures of some cute girls.

Some days are perfect and this was one of them.

I complain a lot about how early Catie's school is but one nice thing I can say is that her bus stop is great. There's a playground and then a lake with tons of geese.

 Eden loves the girl swings.

 and both girls can't get enough of this little squirrel

I spent a couple hours potty training Eden and then quickly decided it's too early and quit. I took this one cute bum shot though.

 We made some dipped marshmallow treats for Halloween

  and they were a hit

And then there was Halloween. You've seen Eden the bunny
and Catie was Sofia the First

The girls went trick or treating and got piles of candy. It was all a success.


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