Thursday, September 3, 2015

Reclining Wing Back Chairs

Boy did this summer ever get away from me. I've done a ton of upholstery and an equal amount of fun summer playing which means I've done zero blogging. So you can expect an abundance of posts in the next couple days.

 These chairs I finished an embarrassingly long time ago (I started this blog post in May) but since they were for me I forgot to take a picture of the finished result.

So I recovered this awesome couch and then they wanted some wing back chairs to go with it so I started scouring Kijiji and I found these two reclining wing back chairs. They were free because a cat had scratched up the upholstery (couldn't be more perfect hey?). So I showed them to the client?? (ha, that sounds ridiculous :) and they didn't love them. They wanted the wings to be a little more substantial but I  just couldn't pass up free chairs so I went and got them anyway (or rather I sent Brad to go get them). The more I saw them the more I loved them and wanted them so I proposed that they buy my already upholstered grey chairs (they were going with grey anyway and it looks amazing with their couch) and I would keep the new ones. The upholstery was fine but I was excited to choose something perfect for me.

Cat scratches pictured below. They were actually pretty serious in a couple places, going all the way down to bare wood.

At one point in their decision making they decided maybe they should at least sit on the cat scratched chairs to help them decide. But I was so in love with them by this point I wouldn't let them have them anymore :)

Theses chairs were amazing to work with. They're La-Z-Boy's and the back is removable.

As I was taking out staples I discovered that I would need to unscrew the bottom portion as well. I was initially nervous but in the end it made the whole process so easy. Every piece could be upholstered on top my kitchen table meaning I didn't have to awkwardly sit on the floor.

I did one at a time with some different projects in between so they sat like this for a while. It makes a handy before and after though.

Here it is reclined.

I did eventually get around to the second chair though and now I have this beautiful set that I'm loving.

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Flor Gomez said...

So beautiful!!! Love your job!

Flor Gomez said...

So beautiful!!! Love your job!

Unknown said...

its looking awesome.
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