Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Grey Couch

This couch was such a pleasure to work on. For one it didn't have any piping (which I loathe working with) but it also was the best quality couch I've worked on. It got a facelift to switch from brown to grey. This couch actually goes in the same room as the Two Tone Wingback Chairs, and it clearly doesn't fit in with them (yet).

I'm not a fan of microfiber furniture, I think it always looks dirty and it's distracting because you can't help but "draw" on it with your finger.

The legs were very blonde and needed an update to go with the rest of the couch.

Everything got stripped off

And then put back on.

The back pillows were looking a little sad and floppy so I beefed them up a little.

And here's the finished piece
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