Friday, September 4, 2015

Two Tone Wing Back Chairs

These chair were a test of patience for sure. These were for a friend of mine and they were actually the first job I lined up to a paying customer. Fabric selection was tricky though, she knew what she wanted and had a really hard time finding it. 8 months and what felt like a million samples later she had found the perfect combination.

They started out as this blue/green velvet

They were in really great shape except some wear on the legs, check out the difference a little gel stain makes.

I only had one glove and it was really old so it broke when I put it on, my thumb ended up as a stain covered casualty but it was better than nothing.

Here are the finished chairs. And they're really lovely right? Very classy and understated...

Until you flip them around. I love the surprise of the pattern around the back.

These chairs were such a hit I think I have some similar ones coming soon.

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Dee said...

Hi Laura,
I came to visit after the feature on "Better After" and have just read all of your upholstery posts. It feels like I have found a kindred spirit. over the years, I have redone a couple of couches and box cushions as well as re-upholstering many sets of dining chairs, a high chair and the odd pram or two. The question that I have for you is about the newer seats with poor quality foam and wadding that squishes down, looks sad and makes the couch uncomfortable way too soon. I have been considering re-doing some of these couches, replacing the foam etc. I wondered what you thought about the process? Is it worth the time? Or is it a silk purse made from a sow? New is super expensive but then good foam and fabric isn't cheap either. I'm in Australia so whilst fabric is available it is VERY expensive. What are you thoughts?