Monday, March 5, 2007

Bunk beds are for little people...

This weekend was spent at my parents in Magrath.

They have this lovely guest room with a nice double bed that used to becomes my room but my nephew Riley sleeps in there now. My niece and nephew often spend the night at my parents house so they have their own rooms too. This means that when I visit I am normally left with the couch, and to give them credit it's a very nice couch, but couch none the less. This weekend I lucked out though, Friday was spent on the couch but Saturday the kids went home for the night. I get an actual bed! It's determined that I'll sleep in Cory's bed. Cory has this loft bed (I know, not really a bunk bed), it's quite high up.
Admit it, as kids we all always wanted the top bunk... every kid did. So I thought it would be fun, a throwback to childhood.

Bed times comes so I start to ascend the stairs... Holy! this bed is shhhakkky! I'm now a little nervous. It squeaks a little and moves as I climb. I get to the top and very gingerly, carefully crawl under the covers (shake shake shake), lay down and try not to make a single movement... in my head I'm thinking, "Please don't break, I don't want a broken leg. Please don't break."

My Mom has put this handy light on the bed that clips to the frame by my head but I can't figure out how to turn it off... and I'm still trying to move as little as possible. I finally manage to turn off the light (shake shake) and settle down. "Please don't break"

Well I made it through the night with no broken beds or limbs, there was a sigh of relief for sure. On commenting a little about my nervousness I got the response, "Cory sleeps there and isn't nervous at all". Cory's 100 lbs smaller than me! He's 8! I'd have no fears if I was his size too!

Make no mistake, I was pretty darn happy for my own grown up bed last night.