Monday, March 26, 2007

“i've been waiting, i've been waiting for this moment..."

For those of you who haven’t heard the news yet I’m sorry I didn’t call you personally, there’s just too many to phone...

I’m engaged!

Bradley Wiebe and I are getting married on July 20th.

I’m sure you’re waiting for it... don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you... the Wedding Website is almost ready to launch :) There will be far more details there so hold tight.

Here’s one little blog worthy tidbit...

My whole life I’ve had this one goal; to move UP the alphabet. Being a West my chances were pretty good too. I hated in school how I was last for everything! There were those few glorious days where teachers would start from the bottom but they were few and far between. It’s less noticeable now that I’m older but I still feel the effects. When we get our flu shots at work I have to wait all day, sometimes almost having to stay after work. It’s my children I’m thinking about now, I didn’t want them to have to suffer through being last their whole life. So I was right on track with this goal for quite a few years... I started with a W (below me even) but then moved up to an M, and then an H and finally to a B! All the way up! None of those last names worked though... somehow I managed to plummet all the way back down to a W.

So I was looking at our ward directory the other day... Brad’s name is right below mine so if you think about it, my name will be eliminated and Brad will move up a spot... it’s like I’m not moving at all. I suppose that’s better than nothing. And my initial’s will stay the same, that’s saying something.

It’s a good thing he’s worth every bit of the sacrifice.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Jill and I discussed the alphabet thing once. I was fortunate enough to move up a bit but as Jill's an Anderson she's pretty much resigned herself to moving down.

Mitz said...

Hahaha, as soon as I got off the phone with you I said to Neil... aww she didn't move up the alphabet at all, hahaa how well I know you! :)

Brad said...

I just want every one to know that I offered to change my last name to one starting with B, but Laura refused. I'm not a horrible person just because my last name starts with W.