Wednesday, March 14, 2007


What's one thing you like about your self?
Quick don't think to hard just type.

This was a question a friend asked me today... I thought it was a good one

For me he also added to the question, it can't be cooking :) So instead I answered with, "I like that I'm honest with people. If they ask for my opinion I'll give it to them and won't normally sugar coat it. It makes people know they can trust my opinion."

What's your answer?


Jbear said...

I would agree with you. That is something I like about you very much. The same friend asked me the same question. And without thinking my first answer was "my shoes". I like that I have nice shoes. I'll try to come up with a deeper answer for the next introspective question thrown my way.

Mitz said...

That's exactly what I would have said I love about you too! It's true, you're the perfect opinion giver... if you're not afraid of the truth! :)