Wednesday, December 3, 2008

8 is a Big Number

I have a real post in the works I just keep forgetting to download the cute pictures that go with it. Until then this will have to do.

8 favorite TV shows
  1. Food Network Challenge – I could watch that show all day!
  2. Ace of Cakes – Again, this is an all day one
  3. Gossip Girl – I know it's made for 14 year old girls but I love it, such a guilty pleasure
  4. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – not as lame as it sounds and way better than the movies ever were :)
  5. How I Met Your Mother
  6. Grey's Anatomy
  7. Malcolm in the Middle & 2 1/2 Men – Brad didn't watch very much tv growing up and what he did watch was very wholesome so I've had to introduce him to the hilarity that comes from shows about really dysfunctional families
  8. The really strange documentaries on TLC every Sunday evening. Like the girl who didn't grow, the Woman who had this disease that made her legs grow to be HUGE or the people who are morbidly overweight. I get hooked and can't change the channel. My favorite was the one where people flew to Switzerland (?? I could be making that up, I saw it a while ago) to plan their own death because assisted suicide is legal.

8 Books you recommend

  1. The Life of Pi
  2. The Observations (odd but enjoyable)
  3. Wicked / Son of a Witch
  4. Chronicles of Narnia Series

The fact that I can't list 8 books doesn't mean I don't read, because I do, constantly. I'm just really critical about the books I read, they seldom make a huge impact.

8 things that happened yesterday

  1. Made the best Mac & Cheese, the cheese came all the way from New Zealand. It was brought back by Brad's co-worker (it really didn't taste any different than usual)
  2. Worked, and was super bored
  3. Created the greatest ice cream concoction. Melted some chocolate chips, peanut butter and a little cream together. Then stirred into ice cream. It got all chunky and super yummy.
  4. Attempted to make some room on my iPod before I really run out of space
  5. Played (and lost) Ticket to Ride
  6. Washed some dishes
  7. Had a long political discussion with Brad. He's so smart and is great at making sure I understand what's going on. I'm concerned about this coalition thing and upset that there's nothing I can do. All those out there who didn't vote in this past election? I blame you for this mess, I'm confidant that a majority Conservative Government was possible if more people had turned out.
  8. Went to sleep far too late, must kick that habit

8 things to look forward to
  1. Christmas Vacation - 2 weeks off is going to be a dream
  2. Zoo Lights
  3. Christmas Parties – 2 this week start off the season
  4. My kids moving from Sunbeams to CTR's. I'm excited to move with them.
  5. The end of the school semester for Brad
  6. Getting picked up 3 days a week next semester
  7. Living in a place with actual, working heat; and proper laundry facilities.
  8. Spending time with my nephews (don't know when that one will happen)
8 things on my wishlist
  1. A House
  2. Dining room set – it's the plan with this year's tax return
  3. New Couches – Mom's fulfilling this wish by giving me hers in September
  4. A budget that's not quite as tight but still lets us save as much
  5. A Cupcake Courier – such a brilliant invention
  6. A car of my very own, or perhaps a new car for Brad so I can have mine back.
  7. A Cell Phone – this one I get when Brad get's his new one from James
  8. A vacation to Hawaii in the middle of our winter. Hawaii is paradise.

8 things I love about fall
  1. It brings us closer to outdoor skating
  2. Sweater weather
  3. Soup season – I have a thing for soup
  4. There always seems to be a rush of new music released about this time
  5. It gets a little busier at work
  6. We get to use our heated mattress pad
  7. Time to listen to Christmas music
  8. An excuse to use our car starter

I hope your December isn't too busy yet, enjoy every minute of it.