Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cold Hands, Cold Heart

So the hoped for basement suite had some serious flaws. We're about to be homeless and we're depressed.

The cold has made us unproductive... laundry hasn't been done (I'm wearing Brad's socks today because I'm out of clean ones), house cleaning is being ignored, breakfast has been skipped every day this week. If it can't be done while I'm under the warmth of a blanket it's probably not going to get done. I dread that moment where it's time to take off the pajamas and put on real clothes; it must be done as quickly as possible.

Although she's clearly in the wrong I'm sure there's going to be a fight with our landlady and I'm afraid. I'm afraid of what's going to happen to us.

It seems like this past 6 months have been nothing but a string of bad luck. Hoping for a change and happier, warmer days.


Wes and Amanda said...

Oh my, that is too bad the other place didn't work out! What are you going to tell your landlady?

Jenn said...

Why is she going to be so bad about it? Are you breaking a contract? Or is she just plain crazy? I had a landlady like that. Cruella Deville.

Laura said...

She's crazy! We're not giving 30 days notice but we don't have to since she's legally required to provide us with heat. She's going to want to keep our damage deposit I'm sure but we'll fight for it because she has no grounds to keep it. I've never met a more unreasonable person.
She illegally entered our apartment once and then had the nerve to scream at Brad about it.

meenalu said...

Is there a housing board you can call to see what your rights are? For example, I'm pretty sure you can't just NOT give notice and expect to get your deposit back - I think you might (might!) have to give notice anyway, then sue her or something.

It's all very traumatic though and I can see how you'd want to get out of there as soon as possible. Is she responding at all when you ask her about the heating situation??

meenalu said...

here are some links i found that might help you:

Service Alberta website:

I think there's also a hotline.

About withholding rent:

also, normally cities define the legal minimum temperature that an apartment must be in the should find out what it is and see what yours is in your apartment. it'll make your case much stronger when you complain.

good luck!!