Sunday, December 7, 2008

Snow, Snow Snow

As much as I hate the snow it really is pretty out right now.

I'm a lousy photographer so these pictures don't do it justice. We had this beautiful snow fall today and surprisingly there really wasn't any wind so the snow piled up on even the skinniest of branches. It also wasn't terribly cold, a perfect night for ice skating; if only there was some ice.


Intelligent girl said...

No you are not bad as a photographer. I really enjoy your post. My blog is hope you will give me your comments.

Bradley said...

Hello from warm, sunny, summery Australia!

I've never seen snow, well, not like you have. Inside my old freezer maybe, not not like you have!

Anyhow, I'm just showing everyone my website Let me know what you think!

Michelle said...

I was so excited to see the I feel even more Christmasy (new favorite word for the day)

chefwest said...

I've never hated you more than right at this moment. Everyone I know is returning from vacation with stories of a winter wonderland and then you rub salt in to the wound. I'm just so happy that we received our first rainfall of the year and the temperature has dropped below 50. I hope you'll be as jelouse when I start sending you photos of our upcoming vacation in Bali!
And I don't mean the first part, of course I love you.

Laura said...

I distinctly remember you saying you never wanted to live in a place where you had to wear pants... they're definitely a requirement right now.
Today it’s just as beautiful out, looks like hoar frost without all the ice and bitter cold.