Thursday, December 4, 2008

Facebook – One More Reason to Dislike You

Facebook gave me a virus.

I think I'm pretty computer smart, I don't fall for the average viruses and I'm careful about what I download but this one is smart, it duped me.

One of my friends sent me a Facebook message linking to a video. So I click on it and I'm taken to a window that looks kind of like youtube. The video starts to load and I think it said my java needed to update, something normal like that. So I click okay to update it and then it tells me there was a problem updating so I close the window, not concerned since I didn't want to see the stupid video anyway.

Then I start getting these messages. My McAfee deleted some Trojans and some stupid messages keep coming up, you know the kind, the spammy ones saying I should go to this link and download some spyware to fix the problem they created. So I finally decided it was time to alert my IT Guy, he knew immediately it was from Facebook and I'm not the only one. Hopefully it's not a big deal to fix but it wouldn't surprise me if this resulted in a Facebook ban at work.

So in conclusion... Sometimes friends are not so friendly, don't trust links to videos.

Thank goodness this didn't happen at home where I have no IT guy.


Intelligent girl said...

Hello is me again. I did not know How dangerous facebook is ...