Monday, August 10, 2009


I think it's finally starting to hit me just how unprepared for this baby we are.

We have no nursery, no diapers, no burp cloths no receiving blankets. We don't have bottles (you never know how soon you'll need those) or wipes.

We do have a crib (not set up yet of course), a car seat and a few onesies but that's not going to cut it for long.

Let's hope this little girl doesn't decide to surprise us early because she'll be sleeping in a laundry basket wrapped up in a towel (a borrowed towel at that).

I can't wait until next week when I can finally unpack my house and get ready for Catie.


Cathy West said...

Hey kiddo..if you time it right and at least get to my house before Catie makes her entrance, I have two receiving blankets and may have one more by the weekend. I also have several onesies, a really cute pink tutu and a couple of hats. And don't forget that Grandma O'Reilly thoughtfully made her a really cute sweater and bonnet. Maybe we can buy some diapers on the weekend. And a laundry basket is cute. Your ready. And it doesn't matter anyway. Catie will come when she wants to and won't mind a borrowed towel.