Friday, August 28, 2009


It's been so nice to be in our house and to actually be able to do some of the projects I've been wanting to do. The first started on Wednesday. I've been wanting to recover our kitchen chairs for years and it was finally the right time.

I got this awesome red fabric and with some help from my Mom, some awesome stapling from Brad and the removal of a ridiculous amount of existing staples we now have what look like brand new chairs. The red looks so great in our new house and I found some throw pillos to match in the living room. You can see a before and after picture below but the picture really doesn't do the grossness of the fabric justice. It was all stained and dirty so the red is a nice change.

In the new house we have a ledge in the kitchen that would be perfect for bar stools and Mom just happened to have some lying around so we covered those in the same awesome red. Look how great they are under the cupboard.

We also did a bunch of painting on a bench that goes in our bedroom, it's going to look awesome when done.

Our next project, the babies room started today, pictures to follow but our new crib is beautiful.


Wes and Amanda said...

Great job Laura! I'm excited to see what you do to the baby's room!

Jenn said...

I recognize those bar stools. They used to be our cars, remember? Back when we had little tiny hips.

Laura said...

I had completely forgotten about the cars!

Kim said...

your house looks like it was a great trade-off for living on the West side! It's perfect! The chairs and stools look awesome - good work! It's fun to play house and make it yours!