Saturday, August 29, 2009


As a wedding gift we were given a bench.

At the time we were still in our tiny, tiny apartment with no space for a bench and honestly from the description of this bench I thought it sounded like it would be awful and sort of cheap so we took our time arranging the pickup of the bench. In fact we took so much time arranging that one day it was dropped off at Brad's parents house where we discovered that it's actually a really beautiful bench. We still had no room so we left the bench at his parents temporarily.

When we moved to our last apartment we had room so we brought the bench and put it at the end of our bed where it looked really nice. This whole time though this beautiful bench had only been primed in white, no actual painting had happened. I really wanted to paint it brown but we just didn't ever get around to it.

Well we have all this free time before Brad starts school and before Catie comes and the bench looked a bit rough from the move so this week we finally took the time to paint. It looks awesome and I'm excited about it. For now the cubbys are empty but I plan on getting some nice baskets to fill the space. Here's what it looks like at the end of our bed, so pretty!


Wes and Amanda said...

I LOVE it!! Your bedroom looks so good!