Thursday, August 11, 2011

What Catie Wore... er Thursday? - #46

Allright, I'm giving into my Mother's guilt and posting this even if it is a day late.

I hadn't been too worried about getting this post put together because I knew I hardly had any pictures but one of them was on my Mother-in-law's camera and when I went to grab it I found some old pictures of Catie too so this will have a couple from this week and then some old ones as well.

Lots of playing in the backyard today.

She was watching a movie and it got to a scary part so she covered her ears.
I love this cute blue t that I just got her but it makes me a little sad, it's a size 3.  They grow so fast.

Today's pictures are a little special.  Cousin Gwen came to play and they spent some time out on the patio playing with some dirt in a planter.  Catie definitely came off the worst and we're pretty sure Gwen was dumping dirt on her. A bath was very necessary as was some vacumming where they undressed.

Those are the pictures from last week, I'm not sure when the rest of these pictures were taken but they're pretty cute.
Reading her favourite book.

Mr. Potato Head glasses and a Hawaiian leis.

Look, a rare picture of me!

She likes to pull Daddy around by the string on his pajama pants.

I make no promises of posts to come, I've been sick and doing no crafting.  Sorry.


SymbioticLife said...

Awww...ok #1 She's beyond cute. #2 I adored the post on the magnetic make up board. And last but definitely not least #3 - I hope you get better really soon.