Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #49

Not too many pictures today, sorry.  This was a good week though I think Catie turned two yesterday and started to act like it.  I'm hoping it was just a bad day and not her new self.

We went on a walk today only as soon as we got to the path Catie wanted to be picked up.  Then she proceeded to pick every dandelion in sight and then we went home, maybe 15 minutes long.

I love her cute swing-y skirt and she has a serious love for her boots right now.

Again with the boots.  I bought the cute shorts and shirt at the same sale as yesterday's swing-y skirt.  I don't remember why she was unhappy but I do remember that I was far too slow in getting whatever it was she wanted (We played with felt markers, hence all the marker on her shirt).
We went to the grocery store and on our way back into the house I asked her to carry my purse.  I thought she was kind of annoyed with it so I tried to take it away but she got mad.  I gave it back and she carried it around for a while.
It doesn't happen very often but occasionally Catie sees I'm taking pictures and is interested so I'll take a picture and then show her the result.  She laughs and loves it, today was one of those times.  In the photo below she just noticed me and in the next one she got really close (she had a cookie at the grocery store).


Jenn said...

I love those cute jeans she's wearing! And I can't believe she's two.

SymbioticLife said...

She's just adorable. Here eyes are stunning and she has such a great little personality that shines through. It must be so fun dressing her up in all these cute little outfits.