Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #45 - Vacation Edition

Be prepared, there's a ton of pictures coming in this post.  We were gone to Shuswap BC for a week at the Wiebe cabin, now we're back, mosquito bitten but happy.

We headed out on Tuesday morning and for the 6 hour drive Catie did this, watched movies.
We went swimming but the water was, as usual, super cold.  This was Catie's preferred way to "swim"
There was lots of colouring

We played on the deck while we swatted the mosquitoes and Catie and cousin Bryn found the tubes

We took a trip to the narrows today (Catie figured she should be the driver) and went for a walk
I showed the girls how to throw rocks in the water.  Catie was smitten immediately.

The girls loved riding in the tin boat (the crummy picture doesn't do it justice)
Sunday we played on the dock
We ate snacks and headed for home

Cousin Gwen came to play today and the girls watched movies as Catie re-covered from the drive home.
and Catie found a new seat

We had a great time but it's nice to be home.


Anonymous said...

Adorable photos