Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Let me introduce you to the other newest member of our family.

This is Geoffrey.

Brad and I really tried to do our best to prepare Catie for Eden's coming and one of the things we did before she came was pick up a present that Eden gave to Catie and I also took Catie to the store to choose a present for her baby sister.  We all know about Mr. Brown and how important he is to Catie, I thought it was very fitting that Catie be the one to pick out something that Eden could love.

I explained what we were doing and then we went to the store and I pulled out all sorts of animals, a giraffe, a pig, a bear, there were at least half a dozen.  Catie immediately grabbed the bunny.  I double checked a couple of times just to be sure and she never once doubted her decision.

We made sure to take the bunny to the hospital where Catie gave it to Eden.  Catie has been very sure to make sure that Geoffrey finds his way into Eden's bed and we've often peeked in on Eden to find Mr. Brown nestled in there as well.  We think it's a good sign that she's so willing to share Mr. Brown.

Now if we could just put an end to the rest of the gifts she gives her, like rocks, plastic hot dogs, a snow globe, a rope, perhaps they're slightly less safe.  Baby steps.