Friday, August 31, 2012

What Catie & Eden Wore #79

I realize it's not Wednesday but I have some cute photos and Grandma asked for an update.  This week I'll include some pictures of both Catie and Eden.

I always loved this shirt when it was Catie's but it was so tiny that she only got to wear it once, I'm glad Eden's worn it already.  The pants have a cute ruffly bum, not that you can see.

After a bath, all wrapped, clean and cuddly.

A trip to the doctor where she got a clean bill of health.

Catie enjoying her baby sister.

We went on a short walk to the store the other day, we both enjoyed being outside even if it was short.

Sleeping in the stroller while at the park.  The picture doesn't show it very well but I'm pretty sure this is the cutest hat ever, though I'm sure people will think she's a boy when she's wearing it.

This is the same park visit, Catie needed a break on the way home.

Eating her almost daily lunch of a pink sandwich (Just jam, no peanut butter.  I used to give her both but she'd peel off the PB side and say, "yucky" so now she gets just jam).

This is how much of our day is spent, lots of crying.  There's nothing easy about this Eden.

A rare moment of peace, wearing the cutest giraffe sleeper ever.  It's too big but I couldn't wait for it to fit.

My cousin brought me a huge pile of clothes for Eden and they've been sitting in the living room for a couple days, today Catie claimed this sweater for her own.  I'm sure it can't be zipped, it's not meant to be 3/4 sleeves, I think she just likes that it's sparkly and I think it's adorable how much to small it is.

One of the rare moments during the day that remind me why it's worth having babies.  Seriously, there's nothing easy about Eden.


Unknown said...

The girls look great! I'm sorry Eden is difficult. That is HARD! I know, that was our Hailey. It sounds terrible (and only Mom's who have experienced a truly difficult baby will understand this) there were many times I wished that I could send her back. I probably cried everyday for 10 months with my baby who never stopped crying herself. (no it was NOT post-partum) it was colic, no acid reflux, no milk allergy.... BRUTAL. Hang in there and ask for help, you deserve and need it Laura.