Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What Catie Wore Wednesday #78

Allrighty, how about some photos of Catie.  She definitely has not been forgotten with our new addition and she's been delightful (though a little sick).

These photos are all old ones, I finally got around to pulling some pictures off Brad's phone.  Catie was sitting beside me as I put the post together and I asked her if we should include some photos of her baby sister and she said no so this week will just be Catie, no Eden.

It's possible I posted this picture and video already but I don't remember so you get it again.  Catie was lucky enough to be able to ride this cute little pony that her aunt owns.  She had a great time and we'll have to be sure to do it again sometime.

This is another photo I may have already shared but I can't remember.  We had a family birthday party and all the cousins ate ice cream cones.  There were more cousins than bench so this isn't all of them but they sure were a sticky, cute mess.

And now for some photos of when Catie and Daddy went out to the lake.  Finally asleep in the car, far later than her nap and much shorter too but at least it was something.

She loves boats, whether it's a canoe or a fast boat ride she loves them both.

Aunt Lisa brought a fun licorice and fruit loop craft that apparently she enjoyed until she decided they were yummy to eat.

Not a very good picture but worth showing anyway.  Home from the lake and out in Magrath watching fireworks.  Grandma bought all sorts of glow sticks and one of them was this lady bug mask with glow sticks around the eyes.  We put it on her and were sure she'd pull it off instantly but she wore it the entire time.  We got a kick out of it.

While in Magrath they had a bouncy house with a slide inside.  We can't get over how funny she is at the end there, just collapses.  It makes us laugh every time.

The Sunday before Eden was born we were looking for a way to beat the heat and came up with a fun park downtown to go to.  They have these cute little fountains that we cooled off in, it was the perfect way to spend a couple hours.  Catie loved it (don't worry, I brought her a change of clothes).