Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What Catie Wore Wednesday #77

Allright, sadly I was supposed to grab some cute photos off Brad's phone for this post but I forgot so perhaps next week you'll have some extras.  In the meantime the ones I have will have to do.

A trip to the zoo and a ride in a kangaroo.

Catie and I went to Calaway Park last week with her cousin and it turned out to be a miserable trip where it rained on us most of the time.  Most of the kids rides were closed and we stayed for hardly any time so to make it up to the girls we bought them ring pops.  Their first ring pops and they could not have been more pleased, the crummy trip meant nothing to them.

This was the result later in the day, gotta love that blue mouth.

We took a trip downtown to visit Daddy last week and we rode the train. She thought it was such an amazing treat and now every time she sees a bus she calls it a train.

Grandma gave me this caddy to keep cleaning supplies in which I was about to throw out since I never used it when Catie found it and claimed it as her own.  For a couple days she loved to have me put some fruit in it and then she'd carry it around and eat her fruit (don't worry, I washed it).  She thought she was real clever.

We went on our yearly trip down to Magrath for the celebration weekend.  We love Magrath days, the parade doesn't start until 11:00 am so you don't have to get up early, they throw candy for the kids.  Later there's always a bouncy house, petting zoo, free swimming and then later there are fireworks.  There's more activities, those are just the ones we attend.

Here are a couple parade photos.

I'm not sure what this little girl runs on but it's not food.  Getting her to eat anything is a struggle.  I can't remember what she wanted to eat (cookies, snacks, chocolate milk) but I told her she couldn't have anything else until she ate some lunch.  She promptly folded her arms and pouted and I thought it was kind of adorable.

I was working on a bassinet re-cover (which you can check out tomorrow) and Catie loved the bed.  She spent quite a bit of time inside and was really disappointed when it was picked up.