Tuesday, April 7, 2009


The Wiebe's have a tradition, for birthday's we all get together and have dinner. Sometimes we have lasagna, or burgers. Or we've had beef on a bun or hoagie sandwiches but by far our most successful and crowd pleasing dinner was on Sunday afternoon.

Lisa had the brilliant idea to have us all make our own individual Calzones. My Mother-in-law and I made a ton of pizza dough and then I rolled it out into 10" round circles. Everyone brought their favorite topping and there was lots of cheese.

Everything was lined up on the counter and the assembly began. It wasn't the quickest meal as you had to wait for them to cook and there's enough of us that they definitely don't all fit in the oven at once but I think everyone was thrilled with their pizza and was completely satisfied. Hopefully we'll repeat this awesome meal.

There was one downside to the meal… my pizza dough was the last batch of dough my bread machine will ever make. It's been making not great noises when I use it lately and this last time was definitely worse. When I picked up the dough to see what was going on 3 pieces of the motor came with it, it's definitely dead. I suppose this is the encouragement I needed to start using my Kitchenaid.