Friday, April 17, 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

A Story about My Pee

I have this ultrasound coming up and every time I thought about it I was really nervous, you have to drink a lot of water before you go and hold it in for a long time. I've heard these horror stories of women who cried because they had to pee so badly and was starting to feel a bit of anxiety about it.

I decided the only way to not feel so nervous was to practice. So last night at 8:30 I emptied my bladder and then started in on my 1 liter. You have half an hour to drink it and then you need to hold it in for an hour, sounds scary right?

Turns out I have a marathon bladder and it really wasn't that bad. My only remaining fear is that the car seems to be a trigger for me, every time I get in I realize I need to pee so I'm a little worried about the drive to the ultrasound but I proved last night that I can handle it no problem.

I think tonight I'll make Brad do it with me, just so we can see who can hold it the longest.


Jane Conrad said...

That's hilarious. I don't think I even thought about practicing...haha. It was uncomfortable having the technician press down on my full bladder though so be prepared for that...bleh.

Julie Lewis said...

My u/s tech asked me how I was doing and I told her I was little concerned that if she pressed on my bladder I might not be able to hold it. She said, "well go ahead and empty 1/2 a cup" and turned around and walked away. Seriously? I'll just whip out the measuring cup I brought for that very purpose and of course it won't be a problem to stop it once I've started.

Jenn said...

That's great, Julie! When Dari Cook was our YW leader she told us a similar story and we thought it was so funny we called her 'midstream' from then on. I don't think it's that funny anymore.
I really don't remember any of that. I didn't have to drink water or anything. What's the point of it?

Laura said...

You drink lots of water to move your bowels out of the way and you only have to do it when it's fairly early in your pregnancy. Later on you don't have to worry about the water.

Michelle said...

When I was pregnant with the triplets anything made me drinking 1 liter of water then driving and hour from strathmore was so unpleasant..there are about 3.5 million bumps in the road between strathmore and the foothills hospital I am sure.