Monday, April 20, 2009


It's still a little early but it's getting to be time to find somewhere to live in Lethbridge. Today I did a preliminary search just to see what out there and I learned a few things:
  • Online rental websites for Lethbridge are disappointing
  • Rental prices are much higher than I would have anticipated
  • Basement suites look just as crappy down there as they do up here, I refuse to live in one.

So if you know of any great places up for rent the middle of August let me know, here's what we're looking for.

  • Must be located on the South Side, we'll consider the North if it's great
  • We need at least two bedrooms, preferably 3
  • There must be laundry on-site and not 4 floors down either. That resulted in a serious lack of laundry ever being done

We're excited to move and I wish it would come faster.


Kim Hughes said...

I'm sorry you're having a rough time finding a place Laura...I know oh too well what you are going through. Long Island is so ridiculous for housing. You get crap for $1,500 a month and you end up still having to drive 25 minutes to school. Good luck with the hunt.

The Wolseys said...

Hey i dident know you were moving back! That's super exciting. Good luck finding a place!

Julie Lewis said...

I heard there was a housing co-operative in Lethbridge. I'm not sure where it is but their prices should be a bit below market.

Laura said...

I actually thought about that Julie but I'm pretty sure we made too much money this last year to be accepted. We'd have to wait until next year when we can prove we're poor and need it.

Julie Lewis said...

Nah, that just means you don't qualify for assistance. David makes over $80 000 and we're living in one. We also have a partner in a law firm living in ours.

Kim said...

I just saw on facebook that Elise and her husband are looking for people to rent their basement - for May 1st, but maybe they'd find summer renters and you could have it for fall? Could be complicated, but it's a thought. :)

Laura said...

I noticed that too, and thanks for thinking of us but we don't want to live in a basement. We actually think we have something great lined up we just need to hear the final word.