Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I was bored at work so I start doing a little blog hopping. I was led to the Baker Family blog where I read a post on a not so pleasant Superstore shopping experience.

As I'm reading I'm having thoughts like, "Well of course carts are a dollar." And "Bagging your groceries is so normal". Not understanding her pain and honestly feeling a little superior for my big city living. Someone even left this comment regarding the entry, "I don't think anyone ever leaves that place happy" and I was thinking how untrue that was and I'm often satisfied there.

I blame it on the fact that Brad does the majority of our shopping, especially the Superstore shopping, because it took me a while to remember that I HATE Superstore. I always leave there angry and I can totally relate to her experience. You do walk down the same aisle three times and still can't find what you want and they're always out of the most random things. Like one day I wanted icing sugar and was out of luck, or yesterday it was green peppers.

So I apologize for my snooty attitude and I'm with you Mandy, that place is awful! Too bad some of their prices are so awesome.


Jenn said...

That's EXACTLY how I feel about Wal-Mart. Except the carts are free. You have to pay at superstore?! I'd boycott it just for that reason alone.

Kim said...

I agree about stuff not being in the aisle that you would expect - so frustrating. The worst part is yet to come though - you get to the tills and there is a HUGE line-up, so you make a bad call and go to the self-checkout. The annoying voice over and over again, "please put the item in the bagging area", "please wait for an attendant" because you didn't put it in fast enough and now you can't do anything else. Should have waited in the bigger line to save myself some sanity!! I HATE Superstore, but I continue to go there on occasions! WHY?