Thursday, April 16, 2009


I really didn't mean that last post to be so cliff-hangery and it's not really a big deal, most of you know most of our plan anyway. I've been holding off blogging since I haven't told my work, but none of them read my blog and what do I care, I'm leaving anyway :)

So here's our big, life changing plan that most of you know already… and finally brings about Denise and my real life friendship.

In September Brad will be starting school at the University of Lethbridge.

Brad has loved going to Mount Royal, he likes the small classes and isn't interested in finishing his degree at the UofC. We're really excited to temporarily move to a smaller city and enjoy ourselves for a couple years. We've had this plan for almost a year now and it's exciting now that it's getting closer.

Recently we've added to these life decisions a little by deciding that if Brad does school full time, no working then he can finish in two years. He loves the idea of being finished so in August we both get to quit our jobs and neither of us needs a new one!

Big changes for us though, all within a month we get to move to a new city, start at a new school and have a baby. August/September should be pretty interesting.


Jenny said...

That is very cool!! I am excited to see you guys here in the great metropolis of Lethbridge.

Denise said...

Hooray! Isn't about time that we become real life friends?

Michelle at peek-a-boob said...

Let's hear it for LETHBRIDGE!