Tuesday, March 30, 2010

GroceryBag Holder

On more than one occasion as I look under my sink and see a ridiculous amount of plastic bags stuffed everywhere I've thought, "I wish Renee would make me a plastic bag holder."  I then sigh, close the cupboard and continue on what I was doing.

We use grocery bags to dispose of all of Catie's presents so they get used frequently.  A handful will get taken from the mess under the sink and moved to a mess under her change table.  I finally occurred to me that I am fully capable of making my own plastic bag holder.

I didn't want to come up with my own pattern so I Googled it and discovered that not only are there lots of patters but there happens to be one on my favorite blog, Make It and Love It.  I pieced together some scraps and came up with this beauty that's going to look adorable in Catie's room.


Sharon said...

Once again you are amazing!! Luv it!!

Jane Conrad said...

You are a crazy crafty machine. I love how you always say you just "whipped one up!"