Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I was in Pier One Imports the other day and I saw this pillow that I think is so cute.

I have no need for a new pillow on my couch as my current ones spend 90% of the time on the floor but I thought I'd show it here and if someone else needed a new pillow they could whip this up.

It's covered in tiny little fabric fans (you know how you used to fold paper into a fan when you were little?).  The fans are sewed in the center to the pillow and then when they open they look all fluffy and beautiful.  I think you'd have to use some sort of knit fabric because the ends weren't finished at all and they didn't fray.  Would a knit hold the creases well though?  You may have to starch or something, it would take some experimenting but I think it's adorable.