Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Growing Up

My little girl has decided it's time for her to be big. 

She's sitting on her own so much more securely, she's started eating solid foods and today she decided she only needs two naps a day.  I can't believe how fast everything is going.

I went and saw Michelle's brand new sweet little boy and it seemed like so long ago that Catie was that size.  The head was floppy and he was just a wonderful ball of limbs, he was delicious, yet as I handed him back and picked up my own girl I had such a feeling of renewed love, like this one was mine.  The other one was sweet and lovely but this one was mine.  As she sat in my lap I was so happy to hold her.

We proceeded out to dinner where she sat contentedly in her high chair the entire time "eating" (she doesn't actually swallow yet) her asparagus and I was so proud of this girl, so happy to be her Mommy.