Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I've mentioned before that we recently moved and this house has something I've never had before, a fireplace with a mantel.  I feel like I just became a real blogger and now I have to show my seasonal mantel decorations.  You probably can't actually expect to see many seasonal changes since I'm not a big decorator.

We've been here for a month now and so far the only thing on my mantel was an orange bucket that holds Catie's pirate gold while it's not being played with.  I wanted something up there but couldn't bear to spend much money.  While I was in Utah we stopped in at the Tai Pan Trading Company.  That place is awesome and full of really reasonably priced home decor items.  There were lots of things that I wanted but I was responsible and only bought one thing, a carved bird.

I decided to find a cute print to go with it.  Now the frame isn't awesome and the easel is really special but until I get a better frame it'll do.

I figured I'd change out the print for different seasons.  I found this print at eighteen25 and you can download it in a bunch of different colours.

So it's not much but it's better than it was before and it's a start.


JaCobi said...

A mantel!! That's so exciting! I'm jealous...I wanted to build a fake mantel for our new house just so I could have fun decorating, but there is no space for it! Sad for me, but exciting for you!