Friday, November 11, 2011


Allright, lets talk about something different today, something we don't normally talk about.

I went to get my drivers licence renewed in August and they took the new photo, showed it to me and all I could think was, "Really?  My face is that round?  Really?"  I decided it was finally time to do something about how much I weigh.  My new resolve was enough to motivate my sister-in-law and then her husband until eventually a three couple, family weight loss competition started.  A two month long competition to see who can lose the most.

The point of this story is to tell you about this amazing free app my sister-in-law found.  It's available for both iPod and Android and it's called MyFitnessPal.  It's a calorie counter that has a huge food data base so it's super easy to keep track of everything.  You can scan bar codes to help you add your foods, you can add recipes and search through foods others have added.  You add in your meals, snacks and any exercise you do and it keeps track of everything for you.  There are weight loss charts and you can record your measurements.

Here's a screen shot of one of my days.

If you could continue to scan down the screen it would show you the swimming I'd done for exercise and the snacks I'd eaten.  You can also follow your friends and see how their progress is going.

I won't tell you how much weight I've lost because that's against our competition but I'm doing well and it's really all because of this app.  So if you're wanting to lose weight why not start now and lose with me.  Become my friend and we'll follow each other, motivate each other.  Simply download the app and on the friends screen enter my email address (

I thought I would periodically update you on my progress so stay tuned for that and if you decide to join me, good luck.


Ashley said...

my mum showed me ur blog a while ago... but i think thats great of you too do this. my doc after having my baby said to try this "website" the same one and i love it. so i am so glad that u found it. its really cool when u measure yourself and mark it and then go back and do it later to see the difference and know how easy it was instead of trying to count out everything and what not. glad you found it:) best thing i ever came across in my whole life!!!!

steve arnold said...

I am totally agree with you Familia great ideas.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Calorie Counter Iphone

Jennie Holt said...

Ok you have inspired me. i just downloaded the app, and added you as a friend. lets see how long it lasts! ha ha