Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sarah Slean - Land and Sea

I don't listen to the radio in the car very often but lately my music selection seemed slightly stale so I switched to the radio and I'm just surprised at the really poor quality of music that's popular.  It seems that every song is filled with dance club, synthesized beats so that they all sound the same.  The lyrics can't even begin to be called poetic or intelligent, also is it just me or do they only play the same 10 songs?

This crummy radio selection only proves the quality of real artists, like my favourite, Sarah Slean.  I've mentioned her many times on my blog but not recently and since then I have lots of new US readers.  I figured most of you are unaware of this Canadian gem.

Her music is sometimes quirky but always so musical and beautiful.  The lyrics are heartfelt and intelligent and to see her in concert is really something.  Brad and I recently had that opportunity.  She came and played and we were once again awed by her brilliance.

She has a new album out that everyone should listen too, it's a perfect mix of slow and fast and I thought I'd link to a couple songs for you.

She recently did a series for CBC with an orchestra and performed some of the songs from the new album, this was my favourite.


Land & Sea would make a great Christmas present so listen to these songs, be inspired and then purchase the album.  There are tons of her songs on youtube so if you need more convincing check some of them out.


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