Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Catie Wore Wednesday #59

I didn't realize just how few pictures I'd taken this week until it was time to get this post ready, sorry but this week has included a lot of potty training and I can only take so many pictures that look like this.

I hadn't planned on using this picture at all (she'll love me for it later hey?) but there were just so few I figured I'd better.

Dancing with Daddy

Look at that sad red nose, she's had a cold this week with also contributed to the lack of pictures.  

She sneezes and then runs to the box of Kleenex, grabs one and brings it to me so I can wipe her nose.  She was in the bath one morning and I'd gone to the other room for a minute.  She sneezed and then repeated, "tissue, tissue, tissue" until I got back.  It'd be much cuter if her nose wasn't so raw and painful.

A do have a video to add but it's not from this past week, it's from when I was in Utah.  Grandma taught her the crocodile song and she loves it.