Friday, August 2, 2013

A Rant about my Hair

People ask me all the time where Catie gets her curlyhair from, I really mean all the time. And I usually respond with, we'll I have curly hair. They look at me and say, "oh?" as if they don't believe me. So after a momentary awkward pause I'll add, and my Dad has curly hair. They then respond with something like "oh!" As if I've solved the mystery. 

This conversation drives me crazy!!

I have curly hair! I'll admit it's not nearly as curly as Catie's but it's also so much longer!

Does your hair look like the photo below with absolutely zero work? This is fesh from the shower. 

Look at those twists and waves, I have curly hair. And perhaps if it was short like Catie's it would be just as curly. 

All right, rant over, I'm done now. 


Rainy said...

My hair looks just like that! I told myself it was wavy for the longest time, but after a while I had to admit that it's curly.