Monday, August 26, 2013

Eden - 1 Year Old

Here she is, a year old already.  
This post is late but it took me some time to figure out just what I wanted to say.
But our little girl had a birthday so we ate cake

Despite what these photos suggest she really didn't care about it at all, she took a bite or two but had very little interest in it.

She even got a gift (that's right, we only got her one crummy gift.  Year one is always low key in our family.)

This little girl has been such an adventure for us.  She could not be more different that Catie, she's opinionated, hot tempered and dramatic yet so much fun.  Yesterday she did something that made Brad and I laugh and laugh because it was so perfectly Eden.  She walked over to the couch, did a face plant against it, threw her arms at her side and cried a little.  Our little drama queen.  We love her fiercely.

I've often talked about how much I don't love babies but as mine starts to grow up there have been a few things I've realized I am going to miss.
  • Raspberries - those slobbery raspberries make me so happy every time
  • That first bottle in the morning.  I've recently phased out bottles and we've been bottle free for almost two weeks but I definitely miss that first bottle in the morning. She'd be wearing her pajamas and is cuddly and sweet and content to sit on my lap.
  • She started walking and is awesome at it.  I love that she walks across the living room on those shaky legs, arms above her head and then collapses into me.  I'm thrilled that she's walking and I look forward to her getting even better but I'm loving that catch.
  • She has always been a delight to get up from her nap.  She's so thrilled to see me every time I go in there.  One day she'll move to a big girl bed and I'll miss lifting her out of her crib.
  • Walks like a champ
  • has 14 teeth and more on the way
  • Loves corn on the cob, I'd call it her favourite food
  • She's finally sleeping through the night and has actually become pretty awesome at it
  • I'm declaring she's said her first word, and it's "hi".  She picks up almost anything to pretend it's a phone, she holds it up to her ear and says, "eye, eye" which I've translated to mean "Hi".
So happy birthday Eden.  I look forward to seeing what she has in store for us, although I can admit there's a little bit of fear there :)