Monday, August 5, 2013

Ice Cream Party

My friend Becca was getting ready to go on her mission for the LDS church so I offered to throw a farewell party for her.  I really wanted this party to be special, I wanted her to feel like someone thought about her and made an effort for her so I came up with an awesome ice cream bar idea that turned out so great.

Here's a shot of the table.

Now let's talk details

I picked up some cute red and white stripey straws so that became the colour scheme.  I kept the drink simple with lemon water.

We had chunks of brownies, bananas and bottles of spray cream and then beside those you can see all our toppings.  There were chopped peanuts, Reece's Pieces , Marshmallow Fluff, Chopped Skor Bits, Oreo Crunch (that stuff that's between the layers of a DQ cake), toasted coconut and some cute candy coated chocolate pieces.  My mother-in-law will be happy to hear that we finally used up the last of those chocolate pieces.  Then for sauces there was a butter pecan, a strawberry, caramel sauce and a chocolate sauce.

You can see some sugar cones for those that wanted a cone and then behind that are the cute paper bowls we used.  I filled the green bowl with ice and then put a bucket of ice cream on top and it stayed pretty frozen.

I made some super simple labels for everything so people would know what they getting.  The toppings all got put in some Ikea glass jars that are in my pantry (I temporarily emptied stuff).  Two of the sauces are in mason jars and two of them in squeeze bottles (loved these bottles!).  I bought a cheap plastic table cloth that I threw away at the end of the night and I was so grateful I hadn't used my nice cloth one instead, there were a lot of spills and I'm pretty sure my good one would have been ruined.

We figure we had about 40-45 people come and one of the best thing I did was pre scoop some of the ice cream.  I took two large cookie sheets and arranged as many bowls as I could (I could fit 12).  Then I scooped my ice cream into the bowls and put those two cookie sheets in the freezer.  When the first group came I pulled out the bowls.  This way no one had to wait for me to scoop, they could just grab a bowl and I didn't need to stand and scoop all night.  When those initial bowls were gone I would scoop 6 or so at a time.

I got the cute straws at chapters and already had all of the jars.  My biggest supplier was the Real Canadian Wholesale Club, they really came through for me.  That's where I got the tablecloth, the awesome squeeze bottles, the paper bowls and paper cups.  The bowls were my favourite find, they're like the ones you would use at Menchies (a self serve frozen yogurt place) and they were the perfect portion size and I liked that they were white.

Everybody loved their sundaes and we even had leftovers.